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Custom Made Furniture Perfect For Every Home

in Melbourne

Imagine owning something that wasn’t just unique, but was a part of you. That’s what my timber furniture is like. My pieces of custom made furniture are tailored to your exact style and needs. I work with you from the first idea to delivery, to produce a piece that’s not just a part of your home, but tells your guests about you.

Here is an opportunity to show off your creativity. Create something that’s perfect for your home or office; which you haven’t been able to find. If you can’t find a table to fit that exact spot in your home or are looking for an antique-style writing table, don’t keep searching in vain, have it made precisely how you want.

In nearly three decades of furniture-making, I’ve helped hundreds of people in Sydney, Melbourne, across Australia and around the world create something that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Many have chosen to create something from the past that reproduces an antique, but a lot of my customers also choose to commission something modern and contemporary. My skills as a woodworker and a furniture-maker mean I can create in a variety of styles, a multitude of timbers but always with exceptional hand made quality.

Timber Furniture in Every Style and for Every Purpose

If you’re buying furniture off the shelf, you’re at the mercy of what’s popular now. Shopping at antique stores or second-hand stores can potentially mean sacrificing quality to get something like what you wanted. Commissioning me means you get the exact style of furniture you want, in your precise measurements, without worrying about what condition previous owners kept it.

Custom Furniture Makers Melbourne

Whether you want a chest of drawers, a bookcase, or a small breakfast table for your home, I am the best customer furniture maker near Melbourne to produce something beautiful for you. Share your vision with me and I’ll  make it a reality. My custom made furniture in Melbourne is beautiful and resilient – these are the kind of pieces you’ll be proud to hand down to your children. Start a legacy of excellent furniture by speaking to me.

Reproduction Furniture Melbourne

For more information on any of my pieces or to discuss your own idea, get in touch today. Call my Hamilton workshop today on  0355725272 or send me a message at and let’s make something stunning together.

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