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Sideboards & Other Pieces Melbourne

AAlstin 50 - Sideboards & Other Pieces

Sideboards & Other Pieces – Maybe you are thinking about a piece that you just can’t find ready made. Maybe you’ve seen something in a book, a film or a magazine.

Well, I can make it.  If it is made of wood I can make it. Truly, I can !

I can design whatever you might like and I can copy pretty well anything I see.

Why settle for a second choice when you can have whatever you want?  Why not spoil yourself, have your special piece of furniture hand made just for you?

After all, You are the most special person in your life.  I can create a piece that is as special as you are.

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Andrew Alstin Antique Restoration and Period Reproductions - Sideboards & Other Pieces


Specialising in Handcrafted Elegance

no matter what your taste