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Custom Made Tables & Chairs Melbourne

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I’ve created all sorts of custom made chairs and tables, from the grand dining, to the humble cottage table. The thing I love most about tables is that we all sit around them with friends and family, usually sharing a meal. We talk, we laugh and sometimes we even cry at our tables. Your children learn their earliest social skills at the table. The table can be the social centre of your home.

How about a new social centre in your home? Dining tables and chairs need not be expensive. There are many options available from me. My custom dining tables and chairs are beautiful, reliable and resilient. These are quality pieces that will last you a lifetime and beyond, becoming heirlooms.

Beautiful works of art produced just outside of Melbourne

Your custom made chairs can be made from anything you like – I’ve made beautiful timber furniture out of rafters from houses and old woolpresses. Immortalize a part of your family’s history by recycling it into something you’ll use every day. I can help you arrange delivery to your home, whether it’s in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin or anywhere else in the world.

My custom made dining chairs and tables don’t always replicate  timeless classics. I make many contemporary tables which will be the classics of the future. Feel free to ask. My portfolio is only limited by my clients’ imaginations. Let’s try to make your most beautiful dreams a reality in wood.

Get in touch with me at my Hamilton workshop, just a few hours west of Melbourne. Whether you have just the barest idea or have all the drawings and just need someone to make them real, I can help.

With  30 years of experience handmaking custom furniture, you know you’re getting a true craftsman’s help. I have extensive experience producing everything from harps to writing desks. Contact me today on 03 5572 5272 and help create something beautiful that will last decades.

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